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A few words about our mission

Our mission is to provide small to medium size businesses with simple tools and solutions to assist them in the management of their employees as a result of the new social/economic environment they find themselves in.

In an environment where remote communication has become critical we set out to assist companies in the management of their employees via a Mobile APP and online dashboard.

Enterprise Screener was designed to help companies communicate with staff that are reporting into work on a daily basis.

Key Features

Let us Help You bring your Employees back to work



Put the process on autopilot with E-mail and "In-APP". notifications, reminding your employees to report their status every morning



Securely save your employees daily screeners on AWS services



Easily interpret data via our dashboard and exportable Excel reports



Enterprise Screener allows your organization to communicate both accurately and timely so your company can prevent the spread of COVID-19

App Features

Easy to use Dashboard


Powerful Tools Empowering Business Operations

Empowering businesses with tools that act as a first line of defense to mitigate the health risks of COVID-19

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Easy to use

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How it works
How Does the App benefit me?

The APP functions to provide HR & Operations with a continuous pulse on the daily health of the organizations employees. It acts as the first line of defense so the organization remains ahead of the COVID-19 virus.

1. Self Screener

Provides a questionnaire that acts as a self-screener, which enables employees to seamlessly transmit their daily health status

  • 2. Dashboard

    Consolidates data points from daily questionnaires into a secure dashboard enabling HR to make business decisions

  • 3. Reporting

    Enterprise Screener consolidates all your data and provides you with real time Excel reports that paint a picture about the health of your organization

  • 4. Securely Track Data

    Arms the company with the necessary tools to keep good records and screen out any potential health risks to the organization

    We also care about safety

    Infrastructure protection

    We protect our enterprise web application by filtering traffic based on custom rules. For example, we use filters for web requests based on IP addresses, HTTP headers, HTTP body, or URI strings, which blocks common attack patterns, such as SQL injection or cross-site scripting.

    Data protection

    Enterprise Screener operates on AWS services which allows us to provide the highest level protection for your data, accounts, and workloads from unauthorized access. We are using data protection services like encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your accounts and workloads.

    Access management

    We are using best practices to securely manage identities, resources, and permissions at scale.

    Threat detection & continuous monitoring

    We have DevOps team that identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behavior within your cloud environment.

    Simple Pricing Plan
    Scalable Pricing Model


    (1-300 Users)

    monthly per user
    • Mobile Screener (ISO & Android)
    • Email & App Reminders
    • Real Time Dashboard Reporting
    • Secure Data MGMT on AWS
    • Excel Reporting
    • 24 HR Support
    • Dedicated Account Manager


    (300+ Users)

    monthly per user
    • Mobile Screener (ISO & Android)
    • Email & App Reminders
    • Real Time Dashboard Reporting
    • Secure Data MGMT on AWS
    • Excel Reporting
    • 24 HR Support
    • Dedicated Account Manager

    A service charge of $750 will be charged as a one time set up fee.

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